onthaasten en inspireren

in het Brabantse land

met weids uitzicht


Quietly situated in the countryside of Langenboom in North Brabant

The ASPEN HOUSE is located in the middle of nature reserve ‘De Maurik’, giving it beautiful views, dark nights, silence and a varied flora and fauna.

From the ASPEN HOUSE you walk straight into the meadow where cattle graze and with any luck you can see deer, geese flying in the distance and you discover a heron in the ditch.

It is a lovely green area to stay and many trails will lead you to the castle ‘De Tongelaar’ or ‘De Kuilen’, a large lake that is part of the forests that surround Langenboom.

From Barn to …

On the spot where the ASPEN HOUSE state, was previously a barn with horse stables. Architect Jeroen Semeijn  from’ De twee snoecken’  in ‘s-Hertogenbosch has given the ASPEN HOUSE  an open and friendly character. The timber frame with soft green appearance and the glass wall at the back will keep you connected with nature and the view over the meadows create a feeling of space and tranquility.

Sanctuary for Artists

The ASPEN HOUSE is now a haven for artists. It is a house that encourages, inspires, space, tranquility and insight. We, Allies Swinnen and Lot Vekemans, are the permanent residents and both work in the arts. For us it is the place where we work, relax, deepen, develop and find answers to questions that matter. It is important for us to work inspired.

We very much like to open up the ASPEN HOUSE to other artists and creatives. Anyone interested to stay in the ASPEN HOUSE can email to contact@alliesswinnen.nl



July 2024
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